IT Solutions

Software Solutions

Software Designing & Development .
Software Solutions
We are providing
major  software  solutions for Accounting  packages, computerize billing system, billing  systems  based  on barcode readers.

Web Solutions

Web Programming & Site Designing.
Web Solutions
We are providing
major web solutions for Web designing, Maintain your   existing   website, Web  based  accounting software to monitor and maintain.

System Maintains

Maintain & Design computer systems.
Computer Systems Maintain
We are providing computer system designs and    maintain    computer system  in  your  company and upgrade them as you need.

Software Development

Software solutions for fast growing business environments to gain high work load and make your life comfortable with proper management.

• Designing accounting software to existing business.
• Designing computerize billing system which is perfect for your business transactions.
• Automatically generate daily reports of your business transactions by introducing our software.
• Use barcode readers and speed up your business process and improve the accuracy.

Our Facilities

Electronic billing systems
Implement automatically generating billing system for your day today business transactions. This will help you to improve accuracy and transparency    with   regard    to   your
                            business procedure.
Barcode Technology
Implementation of barcode technology facilitate improve the accuracy and efficiency sales persons. Especially more appropriate for super markets, bookshop, and textile industry.
Knowledge Base systems
Support in decision making take in to consideration the behavior of your company in last few months. On account of that you will able to prevent future crash in your business.
Software for user’s request
Newly specified software for your request within short time period and will be develop in a suitable way with analyzing your problem correctly.
NegoIT software solutions not only make your life easy and keep the accuracy of your business process but also improve the attitude and goodwill of your customers and employees towards you.